You choose what is important to you

A HomeCare Options Home Care Package can be customised completely around your needs and when we say ‘completely’, we mean you can choose. Starting from what services you would like, who provides them, when they are delivered and what budget funds (for your Home Care Package) are spent where.

Once you have had your aged care assessment and contacted us, we will meet with you and your loved ones to help you put your package together in a way that most suits your lifestyle.

Our case management team will sit down with you and your family and chat about your needs at home and set some goals with you. You might discuss what you would like to achieve, what is important to you, what you enjoy doing, the sort of person best suited to visiting you or any worries or concerns you might have about staying at home in the future.

We then put a care or support plan together that your care team will work with, based on you and your family’s choices.

Working with a Home Care Package budget

Depending on the level of Home Care Package that you are assessed for, you will get a budget amount to put towards services that that you feel will help meet your goals.

Our case management team can show you different ways to use your budget using customised software, making the most out of the package funds. We can help put funds towards the services that will most help you reach the goals you set. It might be a little break each week for your carer, transport to an appointment, a visiting health professional, some help keeping the house clean or just a regular social visit – someone to keep you company. Get inspired with some more service types here

We can also help you to access other services if your budget doesn’t stretch to all that you would like. This might be access to support groups or resources, other government subsidised care or respite or community programs.

You can make all the decisions, but you don’t have to

The beauty of Home Care Packages, is that you can get as involved as you like in the decision making process or leave more of the decisions to HomeCare Options.

For example, you might like to only be involved in choosing what goals you would like to meet and are happy for your case manager to put a plan together for you and review it down the track.

If you are organising care for mum, dad, other family member or a friend and are not living close by, you can work with us and your loved one and make some choices from a distance and be assured that your loved ones are receiving regular visits and proactive review of their needs and care plan.