Private home care services

HomeCare Options offers a full suite of services in the home under a private home care services arrangement. HomeCare Options private services can be accessed without a Government assessment and a temporary or permanent care solution can be put in place quickly if needed.

Private home care services may be suitable for you if you do not meet the eligibility requirements for Government subsidised packaged care or if you decide a Home Care Package may not meet all of your needs. Private home care services can also be a great way to ‘top-up’ an existing package for any extra care needs you or someone in your household may have.

Private home care services might also be appropriate if you need care on a temporary basis, for example a family member is planning a hospital visit or someone providing care on a regular basis such as a family member, is going on holidays. Or, it might be an option for those waiting for their assessment and still needing care in the interim.

Have someone contact you to discuss private home care services or call us on 1300 60 60 01.

What types of services are on offer?

Under private care services you will be able to access a comprehensive range of support and care services based on your budget and your needs.

For example, choose from help with light housework, meal preparation, help with shopping and personal care through to nursing assistance such as wound care and assistance with medication. Take a look at some of the services we offer under Home Care Packages for some examples.

You or your carer might need support for the carer relationship. This might be care services, transport to a community activity or just some company for a loved one while the carer gets a regular or one off break from their caring duties.

HomeCare Options can also provide transport services for you to appointments, events or visits with friends and family.

How can I access private home care services?

You won’t need a Government aged care assessment to access private services. You can organise an initial consultation in your own home to discuss all of your needs which will allow us to understand you better and develop a care plan that meets those needs.

Our team at Home Care Options are here to help, call us on 1300 60 60 01 for more information or to arrange your consultation.